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Lawn Mower Reviews – 6 Mowers To Consider

1. The craftsman 37436 Features: Price goes for $400-$430. It has a torque of 7 Ib-ft. It has a rare driving wheel, The drive control is fixed handle and a write hand peed_control lever. Has noise level of 93 dbA. Plus The Lawn Mower Reviews rate it a 4 out of 5star. Its considered a quick-clipping machine and the tester describes the ride as a sweet one. It has got a smart design where you can adjust the height of the mower to your choice. Minus Though its quite louder than other mowers, and a chunk of cut grass built […]


Best Lawn Mower

Lawn is a pleasant place for relaxing and playing. With the right choice of seed and favorable weather conditions one can grow a lush green field. But a lawn needs to be maintained regularly. Mowing your lawn can either be a blissful escape to nature or a boring weekly chore. A nice mower can be purchased after going through lawn mower reviews. With a small lawn mower one would have to make several rounds of the yard while if the lawn mower turns out to be large then one would end up with unwieldy small yard. It depends on the […]


Troy-Bilt TB350XP 12AKD39B066 Deluxe Self Propelled Mower

If you have a lawn that needs proper maintenance then you definitely appreciate using a tool that gets the job done. This is one of the main reasons as to why people go for the Troy-Bilt TB350XP 12AKD39B066 Self Propelled Mower. It has a motor that has a forward momentum and this means that you do not have to struggle with steering as you work. It is designed with a 3-in-1 functioning system that allows one to mulch, collect debris on the side bag and collect it as well. Click here for the best price on the Features Of The […]


WORX WG787 17-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with IntelliCut

Mowing can now be a fairly fast task if you use the WORX787 17inches 24Volt Cordless Lawn Mower. This cordless lawn mower has been designed using Intellicut mowing technology which ensures that you always have enough power to effectively mow your lawn. The availability of the power means that you can easily cut grass that is tough and thick. The WORX WG787 lawn mower can be adjusted to three settings which are mulching, bagging and finally rear discharge. One can use any of these settings depending on what they want to do on their lawn and the end results that they […]


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