Greenworks 27022 14-Inch 10 Amp Electric Dethatcher

Electric Dethatcher

The Greenworks 27022 14 inch 10 Amp Electric Dethatcher can completely get rid of thatch which usually poses as a deterrent for nutrients going into the grassroots. Using this electric dethatcher makes work more easy as when compared to doing the same job manually or using other types of equipment. Some great news is that purchasing it gives you a four year warranty, something that you would not usually get in the market today seeing as most warranties only go as far as two years. Click here for the best price: Greenworks 27022 14-Inch 10 Amp Electric Dethatcher

The Key Features of the Greenworks 27022 14-Inch 10 Amp Electric Dethatcher

  1. The electric dethatcher runs on a powerful 10 Amp motor.
  2. The tines on this dethatcher are made out of stainless steel and are sharper which means they last longer.
  3. It has a unique feature of a 14 inch dethatching path and along with that a complete set of tines that you can use to replace old tines with.
  4. It has a cord locking system that helps to keep the extension in check and secure in its position.
  5. The grip of the electric dethatcher is padded and this gives it a better grip and therefore making it simpler to maneuver.
  6. It comes with 36 replacement tines and tine depth adjuster that can be adjusted to 3 positions meaning that it will give you continued service.
  7. The electronic dethatcher weighs 11.8kgs or an equivalent of 25.92lbs.
  8. Its carbon footprint is zero.
  9. Comes with a guaranteed four year warranty.

The Electric Dethatcher Product Review

The Greenworks Electric Dethatcher is ideal in discarding thatch that stops air and water from reaching the roots of the grass. It is run on a lot of power, 10 Amp to be specific and this just means that it is a better option as opposed to doing it manually or using other equipment units that don’t run on enough power therefore giving you poor results.

The Greenworks electric dethatcher comes with a set of tines that can be used to replace old ones. The tines are made out of good quality, sharp and durable material, that is stainless steel. The stainless steel is very long lasting and you can be sure that you will get a performance that will last a long time. The dethatcher can be used comfortably because its handle is padded to give the user a better grip.

The cord locking system embedded into the dethatcher helps to keep the cord in place and reduces any chance of accidents. It also comes with 36 replacement tines. Unlike the other products in the market that are designed for similar tasks, the electric dethatcher has 3 depth adjustment positions which allows for one to continuously take care of their lawn or grass.

A great feature of the Greenworks electric dethatcher is the fact that it leaves a zero carbon footprint on the atmosphere. Not to mention that you get a four year warranty with every unit you purchase.

Pros and Cons of the Greenworks 27022 14-Inch 10 Amp Electric Dethatcher


Electric DethatcherThe electric dethatcher comes packaged with a clearly outlined manual that gives detailed information about the product and how to maintain it. It’s friendly to your grass or lawn and will not pull out new grass or harm it altogether. It’s a good choice for small sized lawns and since it is very light, it is easy to push without unnecessary exertion. When ones starts it, it starts immediately and operates on little or no noise at all. It also runs on enough power for the task at hand.


One client had an issue with parts of hardware missing thus assembling the product was a challenge. Some said it was harder to use on a bigger sized lawn. The quality of the tines were also put to task as not being up to par.

Customer Reviews For The Electric Dethatcher

For the most part, the electric dethatcher has received numerous positive accolades. The power it runs on is one great thing about it. More great things being said about this dethatcher is that it is easy to use, came with complete instructions, is light, can be pushed with ease and starts immediately it is powered. The downside was mainly the lack of missing parts and the fact that it does not work well for bigger sized lawns. Also the issue of tines breaking easily.


The positive feedback from satisfied customers shows that the Greenworks Electric Dethatcher delivers quality results and is a better choice that doing its work manually. It is best suited foe a small garden or law.

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