Hose Reel Reviews

A great Hose Reel can make or break a garden or lawn project. The key is getting one that looks great and is functional. We have compiled a list of the top hose reels.

The Best Hose Reels For Your Lawn & Garden

The Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model #1041-GH is the best reel in its class. This High Pressure Hose Reel is made from aluminum (which does not rust) and it has a industry leading 10 year warranty (try to find that with other models in its class). It will take one hundred and fifty feet of hose! It can be mounted on any kind of surface. If you want to place it Perpendicular and / or Parallel you can. Consumers who purchased this model are very happy with it. The plastic models are cheaper than this one that is made from aluminum, but it is sturdy and will last you a long time. The only downside is the price. Click here for the best price: Rapid Reel Wall Mount Model #1041-GH

The Suncast PTW175 Mocha Wicker 175-Foot Capacity Hose Reel has more capacity than other storage style reels. It will hold up to one hundred and seventy five feet of 5/8″ garden hose. If you want a reel that looks great, is functional, and is made from durable materials, then this model is for you. The price point is higher than other models, but the other models are made from cheap plastic (that will not last as long). Overall this product has positive reviews, but there are a few customers that thought the construction was cheap and flimsy. Click here for the best price: Suncast PTW175 Mocha Wicker 175-Foot Capacity

The Liberty Garden Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Hose Reel is one that is used by the pros as well as homeowners. Liberty has been in business for more than 15 years and make the best aluminum and steel hose reels. This model will not rust as it is made from cast aluminum. As you can see, it is sturdy and durable. This model will accommodate up to one hundred and twenty-five feet of 5/8″ garden hose and it will retract after you get done using it. Click here for the best price: Liberty Garden Products Decorative Non-Rust Cast Aluminum Wall Mounted – With 125-Foot Capacity – Antique Finish 704

If you want a basic hose reel, you should look at the Ames Reel Easy Hose Reel Caddy 2386375. This model is very basic, and affordable. Ames sells a lot of these because they make a quality product. One of its best features, is that you can set it anywhere, carry it around, or you can mount it to the wall. If you want to keep your hose from touching the ground, then you should mount it. It will hold one hundred and fifty feet of 5/8″ hose. If you need a portable hose reel, then this is the one you need to get. Click here for the best price: Ames Reel Easy – Caddy 2386375

The Suncast SWA100 100-Foot Garden Hose Capacity Wall-Mounted Sidetracker Hose Reel is very affordable. When you order it, it will already be assembled when you get it. Suncast has a easylink system, that keeps the hose and the hose reel connected without any loss of water. This reel will hold up to one hundred feet of 5/8″ garden hose. Most of the people who purchased it commented that it was compact and durable. This product was built to last. Click here for the best price: Suncast SWA100 100-Foot Garden Hose Capacity Wall-Mounted Sidetracker – Taupe

The Suncast PHJ100M Garden Hose Reel Hideaway with 100-Foot Hose Capacity is the one to get if you want to keep your garden or lawn tidy. Stuff all one hundred feet of the hose into the PHJ100M and it will stay there until you are ready to use it again. Reviews regarding this product are mixed. Some of the buyers were not happy with the capacity, and thought that only 50 feet was the capacity. Others had a hard time threading the hose through the winding mechanism. Overall, this product did not have the best reviews. Click here for the best price: Suncast PHJ100M – Hideaway with 100-Foot Hose Capacity

Liberty gets real serious with the 3-in-1 Hose Reel. This product can handle up to two hundred feet of hose. If you are a serious gardener or weekend warrior that requires the most capacity, then this reel is for you. Liberty steps up the game with this industrial grade product, that can fit anywhere. You can mount it or leave it as a stand alone device. It is heavier than other models, but that extra weight will make it last a long time. Reviews of this reel are positive, but some consumers thought that the quality should be higher, especially when it is compared to the price. Overall, it has high ratings. Click here for the best price: Liberty Garden Products 3-in-1 With 200-Foot Hose Capacity 703-1-Bronze

Which Hose Reel Do We Think Is Best?

hose reel reviews

All of the hose reels above work well for what they were designed for. If you are looking for an inexpensive model, go with the Suncast SWA100 100-Foot Garden Hose Capacity Wall-Mounted Sidetracker. It is not going to last as long as the Rapid Reel Wall Mount Model #1041-GH, but it will do. Overall, most of the consumers were very happy with the Rapid Reel model. It had the highest reviews, and people found it to be very useful.


Here is a list of the reels that we have reviewed:

Other Useful Tips:

  • Make sure you have enough space to store it. Many people forget that a cart style model takes up a lot of space. If you have a small garage, or live in a condo, a large cart style model is not going to work for you. Select one that can be mounted on a wall or is compact.  If you read through the reviews above, you will see a few models that will work well for this.
  • Avoid cheap plastic models! This is the number one issue many folks have. They select a cheap plastic model. Often they break after a few uses, leaving the buyer very frustrated. Avoid this scenario, and get a durable unit, made from metal.
  • Mounting Hardware: Make sure the model you are considering has all of the mounting hardware included or it clearly states what hardware you will need to install it. This will save you an unexpected trip to the hardware store.
  • Replacement Parts: Make sure that you can purchase replacement parts, as they often wear out with standard use over time. You do not need to buy a new model if an inexpensive part breaks or wears out. Just buy the replacement part.
  • Make sure it can handle 3/4 inch or 5/8 inch hoses. Some reels will not fit 3/4, so if you intend on using 3/4 inch hoses, make sure they will fit.
  • Brass fittings are better. Some of the reels have plastic fittings and they break very easily. Opt for a model with brass or metal fittings as they will last longer.
  • Does it come fully assembled? If you are not mechanically inclined, or do not want to spend time on assembling the unit, opt for one that is pre-assembled.
  • How long is the warranty? Some of the models have a limited warranty. Opt for a model with a warranty that is longer. If the company does not guarantee their product for an extend period of time, then you should pass on it.

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