Yard Butler HT-4EZ Four-Wheeled Hose Reel Cart

Yard Butler HT-4EZ

If you are living in a home which needs to be watered on a regular basis then you probably need to have a hose. This hose needs to be stored properly for it to last for long. This is why the Yard Butler HT-4EZ four wheeled hose reeled cart was invented. This device helps to ensure that the hose does not get tangled during usage. It has the capacity to handle a 350 ft hose. It is made out of sturdy steel and comes with a warranty that lasts for a lifetime. Click here for the best price on the Yard Butler HT-4EZ Four-Wheeled Hose Reel Cart

The main features of the Yard Butler HT-4EZ Four-Wheeled Hose Reel Cart include:

  1. Has the capacity to store a hose that is 350 feet long.
  2. The steel body has an anti-rust finish.
  3. The Yard Butler HT-4EZ can easily be assembled.
  4. It uses pneumatic tires which are quite durable.
  5. The Yard Butler HT-4EZ is 33 pounds and has a lifetime warranty.

Overview of the Product

Yard Butler HT-4EZThis hose reel cart is quite portable and durable mainly because of the pneumatic wheels it has. It basically helps you to store up a long hose with ease. It is strong and portable being 33 pounds. It allows you to reel in the hose without any kinking. It comes with a warranty of a lifetime which is meant to cover any damages or defects. Assembling it is quite easy and it also has anti-rust which ensures that it lasts longer.


One of the best things about this hose reel cart is how strong it is. This strong device will most definitely go the distance. It is designed to last a long time while taking care of your hose. It allows you to safely fold the rest of the hose that may not be in use while systematically unfolding it. The Yard Butler HT-4EZ allows you to reel in the part of the hose that is not in usage.


There have been some complaints about the Yard Butler HT-4EZ not being able to fit with the wheels. There are some people who feel like they need the hose to be longer. There are some who also complain about not being able to access the whole length of the hose found in the hose reel. In some cases, this happens because the hose is quite thick.

Customer Reviews

A good majority of the people who used the hose reel cart gave it positive reviews. There were some who complained about only being able to access up to 300 feet of the hose. This was mainly problematic for the hoses which were thick.


Yard Butler HT-4EZThis is a great device to have if you are looking to avoid getting the hose tangled while still in use. This is mainly because of the amount of work one has to put in to try and untangle it. If you have a hose reel cart then you do not have to be worried about dealing with such issues. It has wheels which are designed to take care of your lawn and avoid damage. This device is quite sturdy and can be used to transport the hose around the landscape.

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