American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower

american lawn mower

The American Lawn Mower company has the best reel mower called 1705-16 16-inches bent reel mower. This product is one of the best lawn mower in the market. It has a proficient blade and reel mower which can be used very easily by most people. This lawn mower is also user-friendly. It can be assembled in less than 15 minutes. Click here for the best price: American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower

Key Features Of This American Lawn Mower

  1. It is made for cutting the unwanted weeds in your backyard
  2. This product is able to cut the grass from 0.5 to 2.25 inches high
  3. It includes a 7 section roller and a 3 position wheel height
  4. The material is strong enough because it is made from the tempered alloy steel and strong steel side plate (not one of the cheap lawn mowers)
  5. Comes with the 10-inches composite wheels and 16-inches radial tread tires
  6. Easy to assemble for less than 10 minutes
  7. American Lawn Mower Parts are easy to get

Product Overview

This American lawn mower is specially designed to cut unwanted weeds in your backyard or gardens. Equipped with the changeable 7 section roller and the 3 position wheel, you are able to cut the weeds easily from your gardens.

You should not worry about the strength of this lawn mower because it is made from the strong alloy steel. It is also equipped with the unbreakable steel plate which can ensure the longevity of this product. Many customers really like to use this product because of its strength.

american lawn mowerThe product is also equipped with the 10-inches of composite wheels and radial tires. The product is also easy to use. You can assembly this product in less than 15 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up this lawn mower.

If you are a first time user of this product, you should not worry too much about it. You will find it very easy to operate this lawn mower. Try to read the instruction manual before using this product. The manual is very useful to guide you in installing and using the product. Another great thing about this product is that you should not worry about the loud noise at all. This product is relatively noiseless. It is not an automated machine and you don’t have to use any oil to make it work.

Pros and Cons of This American Lawn Mower


One benefit of this American lawn mower is that this lawn mower can be used easily by most people. You won’t have difficulties in setting up this machine. This lawn mower can also work without any fuel. You can cut the grass very quietly. The product is also considerably small, so you can keep this product wherever you want. This lawn mower also comes with the easy-to-follow step by step instructions on the instruction manual.


Because this product doesn’t use any electricity or gas to work, you will be very tired after using this product. This lawn mower is great to cut small weeds. However, this product is not suitable for cutting tall grass or weeds. In some cases, the lawn mower cannot cut the weeds clearly.

Customer Reviews

Many customers who bought this American Lawn mower felt very satisfied with this product. They would recommend this product to anyone who are looking for a new mower. The price is relatively low compared to the other lawn mowers. Most of the customers are satisfied with the size, function, shape, and performance of this product.


Personally, I really recommend you to buy this American lawn mower if you are looking a new one. Most customers like to use this product very much. If you want to save money and you want to get the best lawn mower, this American lawn mower 16-inches Bent Reel Mower is definitely your choice.

Click here for the best price: American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower

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