Black & Decker TL10 8.3 Amp Corded Electric Front Tine Tiller

front tine tiller

Taking care of your garden is a challenging process especially if you lack the right machines to do so. If you want to buy a machine that can be used in tilling the garden, landscaping the garden and also maintaining the garden in the right shape, you should consider buying Front Tine Tiller. It is a machine that plays all these roles very effectively. Click here for the best price: Black & Decker TL10 8.3 Amp Corded Electric Front Tine Tiller

Main features of Front Tine Tiller

The main features of the machine includes; an adjustable height that allows you to achieve three height levels, an easy to grip handle, a lever system for mixing fuels, an easy to control triple gear system, removable ballast tanks that helps to control the weight of the machine, adjustable tine that allows you to achieve three depth level and a 2 years warranty.

Overview Of The Black & Decker TL10 8.3 Amp Corded Electric Front Tine Tiller

This Black and Decker Electric Tiller has been specifically designed to ensure that your gardening roles are simplified as much as possible. Due to the fact that it is possible to adjust the height levels of the machine, it means that the machine can be used by anybody irrespective of their heights. The machine is made in such a manner that you can easily adjust it to achieve your tilling needs for example you can adjust tines depending on the tiling depth that you want to achieve.

Front Tine Tiller comes with a very effective gear system that will not only control the machine, but will also make it so easy to move the machine around. This makes gardening so enjoyable. With the instant lever system already installed in the machine, you do not have to worry going through the trouble in mixing the different fuels as the lever system will do it for you.

This great machine comes with a 2 years warranty. This is good news as you can always return the machine to the seller just in case it develops mechanical problems in the course of this warrant period. The removable ballast tanks will not only ensure stability of the machine, but they will also be used to control the depth of tiling i.e. when more weight is added, you can easily achieve a great depth when tilling.


  1. The Black & Decker TL10 is easy to use and functional which means that it will be satisfactory in all you gardening needs
  2. The Black & Decker TL10 has great features for example the tills are made from steal which means that you can use the machine to till even hard soils.


  1. Consumers have not reported any demerits when it comes to using Front Tine Tiller. However, it may not be the best machine to use in rocky gardens as well as clay soils.

Customer Reviews Of This Front Tine Tiller

It appears that all customers are in agreement that the machine is awesome. Most of them have said that this tiller machine has given them an enjoyable gardening experience.


If you want to purchase a gardening machine that is functional and efficient, it would be a good decision if you purchased Front Tine Tiller. The Black & Decker TL10 has a long life and above all it would be usable by every member of your household.

Click here for the best price: Black & Decker TL10 8.3 Amp Corded Electric Front Tine Tiller

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