Fiskars 6207 17-Inch Plus Staysharp Plus Push Reel Lawn Mower

push reel lawn mower

For home owners looking for a lawn mower that doesn’t require a power source or a fuel to operate, Fiskars 6207 Stay Sharp Plus lawn mower would be a perfect fit. By making use of the simple push and the powerful cutting capabilities provided by this lawn mower, the lawn can be maintained in a perfect condition. The cutting blades that are provided in this lawn mower are manufactured using the latest stay sharp system. Stay sharp system helps in maintaining the sharpness of the blade for a longer duration and is extremely ideal for prolonged use. Click here for the best price: Fiskars 6207 17-Inch Plus Staysharp Plus Push Reel Lawn Mower

Main Features Of The Fiskars Push Reel Lawn Mower

  1. Fiskars 6207 lawn mower works on the manual push given by the user and doesn’t depend on an external source such as a battery or a fuel to drive the lawn mower.
  2. Another major highlight of this lawn mower is the inertia drive system, which helps the users in performing cutting and mowing operations in a much more effective manner
  3. Among the different push lawn mowers available in the market place, Fiskars stay sharp push reel lawn mower has been found to be the easiest push lawn mower available for the user to operate.
  4. Its blade comes with the stay sharp assurance of retaining it’s sharpness for a longer duration of time and extended use.
  5. Comes with a discharge chute mechanism that throws the grass to fall forward, thus preventing the grass from falling on the feet of the person cutting the grass.

Overview Of The Fiskars 6207 17-Inch Plus Staysharp Plus Push Reel Lawn Mower

push reel lawn mower This is a perfect option for people looking for lawnmowers that offers a clean cut and is also simple to operate. The blades that are used in this lawnmower are precision ground hardened steel. These blades cut the grass without touching them. This greatly reduces the friction and the heat generated, resulting in longer life span for the blades.

This push reel lawn mower comes in built with an inertia drive reel that generates more power required to cut through harder twigs and weeds. The power generated by this inertia drive technology is 75% more than the power generated by similar capacity lawn mowers. This mower measures 23.5 inches * 18 inches * 13.8 inches and weighs 41 pounds. Customers have to apply minimum pressure to push this mower, when compared to the other mowers with similar capacities. The cutting blades cut with greater efficiency, when the user pushes the mower at a greater speed. This model ejects the cut grass forward.

By ejecting the grass forward, it does a lot of benefit to the lawn including:

  1. Proper fertilization of the lawn
  2. Cutting the grass to a uniform height
  3. Prevents the grass from falling over the feet of the person doing the lawn mowing work


  1. Capable of cutting various grass densities
  2. Requires less storage space when compared to gasoline driven lawn mower
  3. Height adjustment facility provided to the user
  4. Prevents the usage of fossil fuels, thereby reducing the gas emission to the atmosphere
  5. More economical than a gasoline lawn mower
  6. Operates smoothly and silently without producing any noise

Though there are not many cons when compared to the pros, a couple of them are listed here


  1. Does not have the capability to cut large shrubs and weeds
  2. Requires more power to cut overgrown lawns

Customer Feedback On This Push Reel Lawn Mower

Customers who have purchased this push reel lawn mower have been raving about the easy to push capability in addition to the long lasting sharpness of the blades that doesn’t require frequent sharpening.

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