Greenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Mulch/Side Discharge Lawn Mower With Single Level Height Adjust

electric lawn mower

People who have lawns are always looking to ensure that they are well maintained. This means using the right devices to trim and maintain those lawns. One such device is the Greenworks 25012 18-inch Electric lawn mower which can be adjusted by single level which allows a zero carbon footprint. This device allows you to do a good job within a short period of time without using a lot of energy. The other great thing about this particular device is the fact that it does not require fuel or gas so you do not have to worry about going to the gas station or polluting the air while using it. Click here for the best price: Greenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Mulch/Side Discharge Lawn Mower With Single Level Height Adjust

Some of the main features of this electric lawn mower include:

  1. It can easily be folded because of the simplified cord locks and this can be stored easily.
  2. It has a special lock that holds the cord in place to prevent it from being disconnected.
  3. Cutting deck made out of sturdy steel.
  4. Emits zero carbon.
  5. Single lever adjustment that can go up to 7 positions.
  6. Can cut a width of up to 18 inches.
  7. It is sold with a 4 year warranty.

electric lawn mower

Product Overview

This electric lawn mower has a single level height adjustment and this allows it to be used without polluting the environment thanks to the zero carbon footprint feature that it has. This is the device you should use when looking to get the job done fast with minimum effort.

A cord lock ensures that the cord does not get disconnected as you use the device and you can fold it using the simple cam lock and this allows you to store it anywhere in the house. It has sturdy steel which allows one to cut a width of 18 inches while also using the 7 position single lever to make any necessary adjustments.

This electric lawn mower also comes with a four year warranty which is double the period offered by most manufacturers. This shows how much faith the manufacturers have in the durability of their products.

There are several pros and cons associated with the electric lawn mower.


Most of the users were happy with the long warranty period. There are also some who were impressed with the sturdy wheels which required minimum maintenance. This electric lawn mower is also easy to assemble and operate. It is light and one can handle it using one arm as they mow a lawn. The height can be adjusted to match the height of the users.


There was a client who had a complaint about a defective switch on his device. The same customer was unable to take it for repair because the service center was quite some distance away from where they were located.

Customer Reviews Of This Electric Lawn Mower

This device got one of the most positive reviews garnering 83% from the users. A good majority liked the four year warranty which meant that if the device got damaged during that period then the manufacturers would handle the problem. Other attractive qualities include the ease with which the device is assembled, how easy it is to use and the fact that it is environmentally friendly.

Conclusion On The Greenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Mulch/Side Discharge Lawn Mower With Single Level Height Adjust

This electric lawn mower is one device I would recommend to any person who is looking to get a device that has a long warranty period that is also friendly to the environment. It is efficient and the results are great.

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