How to Choose the Right Hose Reel for Your Yard and Garden

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If you are looking for a way to get more enjoyment out of the time you spend tending your lawn or garden, you might consider getting a hose reel. Made of plastic and sturdy metal, hose reels allow you to wind the hose back with a handle.  With the right reel you won’t have to struggle with or get your hands dirty while coiling and uncoiling your garden hose during yard and garden maintenance.

There are three different types of hose reel and many different features offered on each type.  Matching your needs to the right reel is the key to maximizing the convenience afforded by this useful tool. Here are some tips for choosing the best hose reel for you.

First, select the right style of reel.

Wall-mounted hose reels attach to a flat surface such as the side of your house or other wall near a spigot.  Because this model can handle the most weight, you will want to select a wall mounted hose reel if you have a heavy or long hose.

With sturdy wheels attached to the bottom of the unit, reel carts allow you to easily move your hose to different parts of your property or to the other side of your house.  If you have a large area to water, several different properties, or multiple spigots that get used regularly, you might want to consider purchasing a reel cart.

A stationary standalone unit is great if you have a smaller or lightweight hose that doesn’t need a lot of coiling to store.  A box that contains the reel for your hose, they are more attractive than the other two models and designed to match your patio furniture or outdoor décor.

Once you decide which model suits you best, here are a few more things to consider:

Rewind method

Most of the basic models provide a hand crank for rewinding the hose around the reel. While easier than winding the hose manually around your arm, hand cranks can require some effort, especially if you have a heavy or long hose.  Another good option is to select a hose reel with a water powered rewind method.  This model harnesses the power of water, rewinding the hose at the flip of a switch.  Lastly, there are also battery powered hose reels.  These require the least effort, but you will have to regularly replace the batteries.


Each model of hose reel will offer unique and specialized features.  Once you narrow down model type and rewind method, choose a hose reel that contains the specific features you prefer. Some provide storage space or shelves, some come packaged with a hose if you don’t already have one.  You can also choose reels that have been constructed with rust free or extra durable materials.

Lastly, before you buy, check online for ratings and hose reel reviews by customers who purchased the model you are considering.  Look specifically for reviews that discuss the features or concerns that are most important to you.