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Lawn is a pleasant place for relaxing and playing. With the right choice of seed and favorable weather conditions one can grow a lush green field. But a lawn needs to be maintained regularly. Mowing your lawn can either be a blissful escape to nature or a boring weekly chore. A nice mower can be purchased after going through lawn mower reviews. With a small lawn mower one would have to make several rounds of the yard while if the lawn mower turns out to be large then one would end up with unwieldy small yard. It depends on the kind of lawn mower you choose according to the basis of the type and size of the lawn and your budget.

Lawn Mower RatingsFor a small lawn a push mower is ideal. They are available in varying widths. One can choose between two kinds of mowers i.e. Reel and Rotary. In a real mower, spin blades pass over a fixed blade. In a rotary mower, blades circulate under powerful fiberglass, plastic or metal. Both of these lawn mowers can be operated by either electricity or gas. Reel mower cuts the grass shorter efficiently and gives your lawn a clean nice look. Rotary Mower come a bit cheap and is quite easy to operate and sharpen.

Gas mowers are easily available and come with wider choice of variety. Gas Lawn mowers make a lot of noise and also pollute the air. Electric lawn mower operates quietly but make sure the length of the cord is sufficient for your lawn. Cordless models are also available.

Consumer Guide Lawn MowersIn a cordless model, make sure that the battery is of good quality so that it can at least last one mowing. According to the lawn mower reviews, the other choice to be made is to choose either a self-propelled or push lawn mower. The ideal mower would not be too heavy, easy to start and easy to maneuver. It should be easy to lower or raise the cutting height.

One must also see how physically fit they are. A push mower is ideal for people who are of average physical shape. If one is not physically fit then power mower which is self-propelled and requires less power to be pushed around is ideal. If mobility is your priority then a riding mower proves to be a good choice.

Lawn mower reviews also suggests paying attention to the starting mechanisms of the mowers. Mowers powered with gas start with pulling of a string. So if you are in good shape then it is easy to use. Push mowers are also available with easy starting mechanisms. However Reel mowers only start when one starts to walk. Lawn mower reviews also suggest one to be environmental friendly and choose a mower that doesn’t have a negative impact. A reel mower produces no emissions at all. There is no exhaustion in electric mower.

Riding Mower ReviewsOut of all the kinds of mowers, Riding mowers are the most expensive ones for purchasing and maintaining. Make sure that you read several lawn mower reviews before investing in a lawn mower.