Mantis Tiller 7321-00-02 Aerator/Dethatcher Attachment Combo

Aerator Dethatcher

If you happen to own a lawn that needs to be maintained, you need to have a device that will carry out the maintenance efficiently. This is what the Mantis Tiller 7321-00-02 Aerator Dethatcher was invented. It allows one to maintain a healthy and neat garden with little effort. One can use this device to effectively mix and clean up soil so that it can drain easily and at the same time allow worms to move in the soil. Click here for the best price: Mantis Tiller 7321-00-02 Aerator/Dethatcher Attachment Combo

The main features of the aerator dethatcher include:

– This particular combo pack is a great addition to the mantis cultivators.
– The aerator has the ability to perform efficiently even when working on clay soil which is compact.
– The tampered steels blades are available in sets of four.
– It is able to cut soil and remove weeds at the same time.
– The single pass has the ability to grant a 15 inch swath and 60 spring steel picks.

Overview of the Mantis Tiller 7321-00-02 Aerator/Dethatcher Attachment Combo

This aerator dethatcher is quite powerful and this allows it to carry out efficient gardening. It has the ability to work on compact clay soil. It has four steel knives which cut through the lawn soils and make drainage easy as well as the entrance of nutrients and oxygen.

The dethatcher follows up by removing the weeds which normally choke up the lawns when they are allowed to survive. A spring wheel that has a swath of 15 inches with a single pass picks the dethatch. Any person who owns a mantis cultivator or tiller will definitely appreciates this add-on. This aerator dethatcher has the ability to carry out cultivation, tilling as well as maintenance of healthy plants and a beautiful garden.


Aerator DethatcherThis aerator dethatcher is created with the ability to accomplish two tasks at once. It works well in lawns that are deeply thatched as well as heavily matted. It has a raker that dethatches with ease. Maintaining your lawn is quite an easy task when you have this device.


This device is quite expensive and people who are on a tight budget may not be able to to buy this device

Reviews by Customers On This Aerator Dethatcher

There were many positive reviews given by people who have used the aerator dethatcher. According to them, this device allowed them to maintain their gardens without having to put in a lot of effort. Despite the fact that this device is quite expensive most of them felt that it was totally worth every penny. It is easy to assemble and start. It is also quite durable considering the good number of users who claimed to have used the device for six months consecutively without a problem.

Conclusion On This Aerator Dethatcher

This aerator dethatcher is a good add-on fro any person who already owns a mantis cultivator. It has the ability to till as well as carry out normal gardening on your lawn. This means that it greatly reduces the amount of time you spend gardening. This is a good way to maintain your lawn without having to put in extra effort. This is quite a great device for people who enjoy gardening.

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