Powerworks 51102 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.4GPM with Quiet Induction Motor

Electric Pressure Washer

If you are looking for an efficient machine to help in dirt, mud and grime removal you have to check out the powerworks electric pressure washer that uses pressure and 1.4GPM on a quiet induction motor. This powerful machine does all the hard work meaning you do not have to do it manually. Click here for the best price: Powerworks 51102 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.4GPM with Quiet Induction Motor

The reality is that once in a while you may come across stubborn stains that cannot be removed by the typical mops and related tools. This is the ideal situation for this pressure washer. With it, you get1.4 Gallons per minute and a PSI of 1700. This power is sufficient in helping you clean up and all this without much effort on your part.

The features of this electric pressure washer:

1. It has an induction motor and a GPM of 1.4 with a PSI of 1700 ensuring that you get the best results.
2. The power cord is 35′ and has ground fault circuit interrupter to enhance its safe use.
3. The long hose (25′) ensures that you can use it in difficult to reach areas.
4. Has two soap tanks.
5. The hook and loop strap is firmly in built.
6. Has a folding handle that helps in storage, especially if the space is limited as well as a carry handle to help in moving it around.
7. It has a wand and a plastic gun that has quick and simple connect tips you can use as well.
8. Its rear wheels make it easier to control and move around.
9. It has a guaranteed one year warranty.

Overview Of The Powerworks 51102 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.4GPM with Quiet Induction Motor

The powerworks electric pressure washer is a great piece of equipment to use in the removal of hard stains, dirt, dust and mud. More so if you want to do this without using too much of your own energy. It is particularly handy in removing stains and hard dirt that would not otherwise be removed using mops and other household items.

This electric pressure washer comes with an induction motor and at 1.4 GPM and a PSI of 1700 you can be sure that you will get superb results. The power cord is enhanced by the use of ground fault circuit interrupter meaning that is it safer to use.

The long 25 inch hose is ideal in the case of cleaning up the farthest points within your home. Along with that it has a hook and loop strap that can be used for the cord. Not only are there two soap tanks, there is also a plastic wand and gun that comes with tips you can easily use.

The handle can be folded and this means that it occupies minimal space even when in storage. It also has a additional carry handle for your convenience. The rear wheels on which it moves aid in easy movement from one area to another and to crown it all, it has a guaranteed 1 year long warranty.

The Pros and Cons Of the powerworks electric pressure washer


Electric Pressure WasherDelivers the same quality that is advertised about it and has a sturdy and strong built. It is very simple to use and removing substances that are hard to clean is a walk in the park. It is also simple to set up and there is a manual that one can use to guide them in troubleshooting as well as more information on the washer. If for any reason you need to contact customer service, you can be sure of getting speedy and helpful assistance as well.


The containers for carrying the soap can get damaged with ease. There are also limitations in the length of the cord and since no extension codes are provided, that is a downside.

Customer Reviews For The powerworks washer

Most people who have used this product will give it a good rating. Nothing below a 3 star rating. This can be interpreted to mean that it did the job it was created to do well and without much hustle. It also means it was durable, simple to put together and use and also came with a complete manual. Most customers also loved the exceptionally helpful customer service. That said, many did not like the brittleness of the soap holders, the limitations on the length of the cords and the lack of extension cords.

The Conclusion

It is an ideal product for people who want to get rid of dirt fast and without having to do a lot of manual work to get it done. It is affordable and works just how it is supposed to. We recommend this electric pressure washer.

Click here for the best price: Powerworks 51102 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 1.4GPM with Quiet Induction Motor