Removal Of Thatch From Gardens Through Dethatcher

Electric Dethatcher

Dethatcher is a machine which takes away thatch from the lawns. Mainly there are 2 types of it like detaching of motor or dethatching of a tractor of garden. De-thatching of garden or sod is a perfunctory process in which the facade and beneath the surface of the garden, green pitch or sport pitch wears away severely through penetration of metal blades, pitchfork and tines. The process of removing thatch through machines by qualified, which are powered by engines of petrol is known as Dethatcher.

Thatch is an organic waste which includes rhizomes, stolons, stems and leaves of dead grass apart from roots of grass and growth of weed. Thatch problems of lawns can create diseases and thereby encourage mosses to produce in those places where grass has expired. With dethatching, moss is also indifferent. The removal depends upon the terrifying blades thereby resulting in cutting of roots. It also facilitates the grass to become thick over time. This process normally occurs during spring or autumn. A small quantity of thatch is good for the lawn. Excessive thatchy lawn becomes spongy after becoming tread.

Aerator DethatcherThis process can also be carried out through small thorough machines of domestic market. It can smother the development and health of grass or turf. Removal of thatch facilitates the grass to thicken up making it strong and less vulnerable to diseases. Removal of thatch levels enhances water levels along with nutrients and air. It can therefore pass to the roots of plants of grass.

After the thatch is removed, it can be raked or swept through the sweeper of lawn. Dethatching any lawn has various options. In case your lawn is small and you are a lover of work out, then you can manually remove the thatch through a scrape of powerful leaf. A lawn service is hired for raking the matter under the grass. That matter is disposed off completely.

Dethatcher is also known as lawn verticutter. Thatch is the accumulation of dead and organic matter. Lawns like Bermuda grass and zoysia give more thatch as compared to other types of lawns like fescue. Lawn dethatchers look like big mowers of lawn. They have vertical rows of blades which slice through turf and rip thatch through the grass.

Electric DethatcherWhen the blades move over the lawn then excessive thatch is pulled up. Removal of amount of thatch is based upon setting of blades and distance between the blades. Blades are 2 inches distant for the warm season and 3 inches distant for the grass of winter season. The blades are nearly half inch below the ground. Removal of excessive thatch can result in harming the root systems of the lawn.

Renovation of the lawn necessitates you to remove all the thatch and the grass for producing the bare soil so that the seeds of grass can germinate. Gardeners usually dethatch it once in a season or once in every two years. It depends upon the speed of turf to produce the thatch. You should always mow the lawn to half its regular height before actually using it.