A Robust String Trimmer Is The Key To Fast Lawn Work

Cordless Electric Trimmer

If you go back in time when there were no string trimmers, keeping your garden prim and proper was a mean work. Edging driveways, shrub beds and parking lots with hand held trimmer was a herculean task. It was a long days work and one used to end up with sore legs, arms and back as a result of pushing manual edger endlessly.

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A small machine known as string trimmer is a God send. String trimmers have now become a vital piece of equipment among landscaping tools. They help in putting an edge on shrubs, flower beds, parking lots and sidewalk. With the help of various attachments that come with it, string trimmers help by serving other functions too. The use of this tool is a real time saver and helps not only in trimming the turf but also performs pruning, cultivating, blowing, sweeping and of course hedge trimming. If you need a lot of power, you should look at getting one of the Gas String Trimmers.

As it is extremely easy to handle due to its light weight, it has now become one of the most valuable pieces in landscaping tools. They are simple machines but needs to be maintained in a proper manner. Ideally after being used for maximum 40 hours, a maintenance check needs to be run. One can chose from various kinds of string trimmer i.e. cordless and with cords. As compared to gas trimmers, electric trimmers are quieter and easy to start.

If you have a yard of regular size and the grass is neither too thick nor too tall then electric string trimmers are a good choice. Assess the time that you would require to trim in your garden. If you would have to invest more than 45 minutes then buying a corded string trimmer makes sense. They don’t have a battery and would keep on working. Although be sure that there are electrical outlets outside your home and also a heavy duty good quality extension cord so that the job can be finished properly. For a well kept small yard, cordless string trimmer is ideal. In most of the cordless string trimmers there is an option to buy extra battery. One of the more famous brands is the Ryobi String Trimmer and the John Deere String Trimmer.

grass trimmerString trimmers are necessary for adding finishing touches to a lawn that is newly mowed. The trimmers available today are quite powerful and can handle any stubborn weed or grass. There are a huge variety of string trimmers available today. One needs to keep in mind to buy a trimmer that has a swivel cutting head that would allow rotating the head to around 90 degrees. Have a trimmer head that snaps off helps to reduce the downtime, while trimming the edges. Trimmers come with automatic, semi-automatic and manual feed systems. So carefully chose the trimmer after giving thought to what kind of manual feed you require. The swathe of the trimmer can generally range from anywhere between 8 to 15 inches. If the cutting path is small then more time is invested in the job.

Trimmers tend to pick a lot of debris so be safety conscious and use some eye protection and long trousers. Wear an ear plug or ear muff to cut down on noise. Make sure you check out our String Trimmer Reviews before you buy one.

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